Creative, independent women in music and art [Part 2]

Here are some more female artists who are (mainly) off the radar but ought to be up there with those who are lauded and praised, recognised and idolised.
If you watched the recent 2016 Mercury Prize’s dire selection of uninspiring artists and flat, lifeless presentation you’ll see that we need a good kick up the arse again. There’s not a dearth of creativity and originality, it’s here in spades but it just isn’t being recognised globally. Maybe it never will because this isn’t the mainstream. Perhaps most of these artists (me included) will remain underground. It’s harder to make a living creating music these days that’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean there’s nobody doing it. That’s not why we do it anyway.

So here’s the 'Second Base’ (yeah I’m forging ahead with the crass puns). Just as brilliant and eclectic as the 'First Period’.  If you didn’t read that previous blog or listen to the playlist you can go back to it after this. I hope you do, there’s a lot of great stuff to catch up on.
There’ll be a couple of the women here in this one who you had probably assumed I would have put in the first playlist. But these aren’t in order of merit or popularity. They’re not governed by genre or mood, so don’t expect an easy ride. It rises and falls. These are all creative women, doing their own thing, their way, in their own style.

Click this link for the playlist number 2.

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