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From where Derbyshire meets Manchester UK, Barry Snaith is a writer, guitarist, & producer. TIJ  is his solo music and Toria & The Inconsistents is his current adventure. He was also one half of Euro electro-goth duo m1nk, one half of electronic duo How I Wrote Elastic Man & one half of online activist Carl Malamud’s house-band, The A2K. Soundscape designer for VR, digital fiction & apps. New album out now. Plate spinner. Genre fluid.

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A crossover project focusing on soundscapes and contemporary art. BUY/DOWNLOAD ALBUM PLUS LIMITED EDITION CD
Purchase of the album, digital download or CD, gives you access to QR codes for free downloads of the interactive collaboration between Barry Snaith and Dreaming Methods.


Barry Snaith & Erika Bach are European electronic goth band, m1nk.
Their critically acclaimed album 'm1nk = em one en kay’. was released on Dutch label Seja Records 14/03/2019

 'An overwhelming debut, that you just have to hear yourself to believe' - De Subjectivisten • 'Dares to challenge genres... makes tension sound tempting' - Luminoush Dash Blog • 'It shoots to the top of my chart. They sound like they could be from anywhere...Soho NYC, Berlin, Paris, Slovenia, wherever' - Steve Mecca • 'It's rare a debut album is so deviously, perfectly delicious' - Chain DLK • 'Undoes all your inhibitions, to the pale white skin of your soul' - Luminous Dash • 'Falls somewhere between a love letter and a suicide note' - Dancing About Architecture • 'Pays homage to many genres, while sounding like none directly. This is for the musically adventurous; those bored by cliche pop and formula radio fare' - floorshimezipper • 'As debut albums go it is nothing short of a triumph' - Dancing About Architecture • 'Erika Bach’s voice slides into your ears like a sharpened stiletto' - Paul Kerr, Fresh On The Net • 'Just stunning. It’s like one of those magic eye pictures that move as you look at them - there’s nothing like it' - Josie Jo Show • 'Wraps you around like a seductive poison' - Nel Mertens • 'A ghost appearance of David Bowie , a melted Einstürenze Neubauten and an underwater version of the Virgin Prunes' - Jan Willem Broek


TIJ (The Inconsistent Jukebox) is the solo music of Barry Snaith. The debut album 'Gig Economy’ was released on 
Candy Bomber Music /Seja Records 20/05/2020. New e.p. on the way.

'Hooked me from the first track' - 3HD • 'A must have for all you alternative underground DIY lovers' - Reuters   • 'Impossible to label / Arthouse atmosphere' - Dark Entries  • 'Strongly cinematic / Let your heart and soul get sucked into the screenplay of some cult film' - Luminous Dash  • 'Matured outsider art for grown-ups' - Erik Pols  • 'Peel back more and more layers' - Ken Martinez  • 'Album Of The Year' - Dominic Carlton Jones ‘Spontaneous, dynamic, quirky and above all bonafide' - De Subjectivisten • 'Delivers innovative, immersive songs … you can hardly put your finger on this kaleidoscopic work' - Jan Willem Broek  • 'A wonderfully exploratory, genre-suckerpunching, collection of songs' - Dave Franklin  • 'Wide-ranging, adventurous and brave adrenaline soaked grooves' - Dancing About Architecture


Rarities and obscurities. Insecurities and curios. Constantly evolving.


How I Wrote Elastic Man are Barry Snaith & Garry Marshall.
DEBUT ALBUM, Changelings, was released 16 March 2022.
’Featuring a crew of guest vocalists’ (Luciole Langevine, Ang Kerfoot, Liv Pellegrini, Erika Bach and Karin Tarabochia) alongside the otherworldly art of Greg Oire and Eric Lacombe, HIWEM have created a futurist soundmap for the SpaceX digital age. Imagine Hans Zimmer and Robert Fripp taking The Cocteau Twins on a doomed rocket flight  beyond the corona, listening to dark French cabaret. If you can. If you can’t, then listen to this album.’ (Joanna Claire, Futurmusik blog). 


 The A2K band are Barry Snaith and Martin Lucas. The single 'Open Access Ninja’ was released on 04/05/21 as a FREE DOWNLOAD in homage to the tour-de-force internet archive activist, Carl Malamud. This track features  NYC blues hero Tad Robinson. Open Access Ninja is the title of the movie about #carlmalamud and the music production for the soundtrack is by Barry Snaith (TIJ) and Martin Lucas.


In the pipeline. Some already recorded, some at demo stage. Keep your eyes and ears open. Or peeled.


Soundscapes for VR, digital storytelling & art installations. Music for adverts & fashion shoots. Play in browser or open the Soundcloud playlist. Drag the soundwave to play next tracks. Or stay put and listen to them all in the background.

(Past work/collaborations list)
Bal na vodi Animation – Eirini Boukla

Catwalk  Fashion Show  – Muxi Cheng 
Stasssis interactive app – Dreaming Methods 

Aphiiid interactive app – Andy Campbell

Wallpaper 1  VR Gallery installation / digital storytelling game –  One To One Development Trust
One Love Video – Tayo Irvine Hendrix

Wallpaper 2  VR Gallery installation / digital storytelling game – Dreaming Methods

Lunar Library VR Experience – Dreaming Methods

Open Access Ninja Advert Soundtrack – Carl Malamud,
Image from Stasssis (interactive app) by Dreaming Methods.